5 Promising Blockchain Startups in 2020

5 Promising Blockchain Startups in 2020


Slowly but surely, blockchain technology is gaining traction in the world of global business. While in previous years, the general population has witnessed many intriguing crypto ideas come to life, there’s yet much more to come from the true innovators working with this thrilling new concept. Although the year 2020 started off with a significant share of turbulence, the blockchain startups are going full speed ahead. There are already several promising new examples getting ahead of the competition and it’s interesting to preview their key concepts and offerings to the business world. Without further ado, here are 5 of the most interesting and promising blockchain startups in 2020 so far.



The people behind Zelwin, describe their company in one simple statement: “Zelwin Is the First Marketplace in The World Where Everyone Makes Money” and it’s exactly what they emphasize on. The company represents an online marketplace, being a first peer to peer platform where all stakeholders gain profit. Zelwin has its own loyalty program which rewards buyers with ZLW tokens for every purchase they make. These coins can be easily transferred to Visa and Mastercard accounts. The company has its own unique exchange service when it comes to their exclusive ZLW coins. 

Zelwin is a global marketplace, bringing together thousands of sellers and buyers on their Platform. According to their website, there are already more than 800,000 purchasable items in their stock, ready to go in the near future.




Cryptwerk is basically a Blockchain company directory service, providing detailed information about various companies, websites, shops and services that accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Regardless of the new-found popularity of virtual currencies, still significantly fewer shops and services recognize the likes of – Bitcoin as a payment option for their products. Cryptwerk offers an almanac of companies that support the adoption of crypto as a sufficient financial unit. Users are welcome to register for free on this platform to avoid other established financial institutions like banks and exchanges. The goal is to allow people to deal with the businesses directly, using cryptocurrencies. The website boasts all the analytical information about these companies and detailed review and rating systems.  




ECOSC is concidered by the owners to be the future of Oil and Gas Supply chain management. The company has designed a platform that employs blockchain technology to provide oil, gas and other various mineral resource trade, using advanced decentralized supply chain management solutions. Their systems are transparent, secure and have the advantage of superior speed when it comes to operational processes. According to the founder of the company, ECOSC aims to become the fastest cross border payment platform for the industry of natural resources. The plan is to become the solution that will connect stakeholders, buyers and sellers around the globe through the superior management of supply and demand, using generally accepted crypto currencies. Aside from that, the company will also have its own cryptocurrency: ECOSCU.




Although not as new as other entries on this list, CryptoCompare is gaining some significant traction in 2020. The company provides analytical service and real time market data to their users. Investors can access reliable, high-accuracy pricing analyses on more than 5000 various coins and 240,000 currency pairs. They generate detailed data from popular global exchanges around the globe. Company procures crypto trade information, order book data, historical blockchain information and social data reports. In a big picture, CryptoCompare provides detailed percentages of price variations over different periods of time, whether those are weekly, monthly or yearly statistics.




STOX is a curious addition into the world of blockchain startups, aiming to build a blockchain prediction market. The company is an open source, Ethereum based market prediction platform, which enables users to make their own prognosis regarding all the events that affect the global market. Users of STOX can harness the wisdom of other participants, simultaneously adding their own skill and knowledge into the mix. Through this platform, members will be able to predict the outcome of various events in many different categories such as: Finance, Stock market, Sports, politics and many more. All this will be powered by the STX Token, which will be a primary unit for wagers and fees.


Contributed by George Khmelevski

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