MiPasa – The tool to save the world?

MiPasa – The tool to save the world?



These are turbulent times. The global economy is suffering and social well-being is at its lowest since the 1920’s. Back then it was another pandemic plaguing the world, today the enemy is COVID 19. In just a matter of several months, international business and finance have both taken tremendous hits. Money is losing value and people are losing jobs, but most importantly, many are losing their lives due to the virus. While everything seems to be going against humanity, technology like blockchain could be the tool that might help in a lengthy process of defeating the coronavirus and repairing the collateral damage that it has caused. The world health organization (WHO) will be deploying MiPasa, a blockchain data hub that’ll combine cumulative information about coronavirus, designed to be the tool that will end data corruption.




Which companies are involved?

The initiator of MiPasa is the World Health Organization (WHO). Starting from March 27, WHO will be cooperating with Blockchain and numerous massive tech companies of the world. MiPasa is built to be the Hyperledger of distributed data, through the support of IBM. Also, computer giants – Oracle, Blockchain Platform – HACERA and perhaps the biggest IT corporation – Microsoft. MiPasa is announced to be fully private in terms of patient data and information will only be shared on “need to know” bases between the health organizations and country authorities. Disease prevention centers of countries like the U.S, Members of EU, China, Canada and others, are already working with the project.  




How will MiPasa Work?

The creators of MiPasa describe it simply as an Information Highway for the international health organizations. It verifies the validity of data through the chain technology – which is impossible to tamper with. This blockchain solution monitors local and global cases, as well as the worldwide trends of the virus, and in term controls and thoroughly studies the spread.  MiPasa will be an essential tool to segregate and usefully utilize the enormous COVID 19 Data. The chief executive officer of HACERA, Jonathan Levi states that MiPasa would soon incorporate more data-analytic tools that will help in a proper understanding of the information.




The possible effects of MiPasa

The plain truth is that WHO will be significantly more successful with the blockchain solution that will aid experts in proper data analyses and insights. The information will be equally available for the whole world to use in the prevention and fight against this massive pandemic.

The press release of IBM states, “MiPasa is designed to make it possible to synthesize data sources, address their inconsistencies, help identify errors or misreporting and seamlessly integrate credible new feeds. Our hope is that this tool can help technologists, data scientists and public health officials by giving them the data they need at scale to respond and devise solutions that can help subdue the outbreak or support recovery.”


Is MiPasa the solution?

Information is always a highly valuable tool. When technology such as blockchain is readily available, it’s logical to use it to its maximum extent. Utilizing MiPasa will enable the doctors of the whole world to share and distribute vital information that can potentially save thousands of lives. Previously, there was a problem of gathering verified data, but with MiPasa, those issues can be completely eliminated. Soon, Nations of the whole world will be working in unison to drive back and finally defeat this formidable threat.

Contributed by George Khmelevski

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