BitCherry - Future of Blockchain Wallets

BitCherry - Future of Blockchain Wallets




BitCherry Overview

BitCherry is a revolutionary addition into the world of Blockchain, founded in 2019 by Paul Bao Ruicheng. Company’s end goal is to change the way business is being run around the world. BitCherry is the planet’s first commercial scalable blockchain infrastructure based on IPv8 Technology. The company revolves around three main characteristics: Consensus Governance, Efficient Performance and Data Security.

They represent an overall blockchain infrastructure and ecosystem, providing “P2Plus” encryption protocol, with its innovative physical layer characteristics. Operational mechanisms of BitCherry include smart contracts and cross-chain consensus capabilities, to achieve easily-adjustable data architecture. When using such infrastructures, companies all around the globe can benefit by reducing developmental costs, increase of performance, security and top of the line public chain support, which enables distributed commerce on the chain.



Services of BitCherry

BitCherry offers its customers a wide variety of available services, each working together in perfect unison, tailored specifically to provide maximum comfort when conducting everyday business decisions. It’s absolutely crucial to be able to trace logistics in order to guarantee a smooth flow of operations. The entire chain of tracked goods will be available on BitCherry, providing detailed information, from manufacturers to consumers.  Company also offers total supply chain financing. After all nodes are released on the supply chain, BitCherry observes and guarantees reliability of core business data through private signature technology. All contracts, bills and financial details are easily controlled and transferred.

Being part of the BitCherry public chain will assist in commercial consumption. With the help of decentralized and encrypted technology, companies will instantly reduce costs and improve efficiency, especially in their P2P operations. All thanks to the P2Plus system. This factor will be assisted by the digitalization of assets, which will make BitCherry transactions much faster and easier to partition. All assets will be open, transparent, permanently stored, easy to trace and fully meeting the regulatory requirements.

BitCherry’s E-Commerce system contains distributed ledger of blockchain, with its smart contract technology and digital currency payment methods that sync perfectly with the established payment system of E-Commerce. This enables functions like instant digital shopping, credit points and blockchain mining, all built into one entity. Additionally, distributed cloud computing provided by BitCherry, enables “stand-alone” approach, which improves ability to handle increased workload. The system enables multi-computing capabilities, designed to improve parallel processing. This factor reduces process times and increases operation efficiency.




In order to properly maintain and operate their revolutionary system, the company produced their own tokens; BCHC. It was designed to be a supporting value in the ecosystem of BitCherry. Its purpose was to simplify and improve the process of fund transfers, operations and rewards. Members of the infrastructure can use BCHC as a payment medium freely, without any third-party interference, enabling BitCherry’s liberal value network.



Cherry Wallet

The total readiness of the company would not be complete without the introduction of their brand new: Cherry Wallet. Built by the top developers, this product provides top of the line security features that ensure the total safety of the funds. It’s virtually unhackable, thanks to the offline connection capabilities that completely eradicate all forms of tamper threats. Using private key and randomly generated passwords when online, the system is made secure through two-dimensional code encryptions and NFC transmission modes.

Aside from being safe to the max, Cherry Wallet supports most of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies, including: BTC, ETH, BCHC, USDT, EOS and many more.


The future of BitCherry  

BitCherry is well on its way to improve the way corporations are being run. Totally secure, decentralized and efficient eco-system/infrastructure is something that most businesses of the world strive to have and BitCherry is just the company to revolutionize the concept. 


Contributed by George Khmelevski

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