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The Story of 

The story of a standout cryptocurrency finance company;, started back in 1993, when a cryptographer Matt Blaze decided to register said internet domain. Blaze was approached by many in the following years, but he finally decided to sell his property to Monaco, a Honk-Kong based crypto enthusiast company. Currently the CEO of the firm is Kris Marszalek, who is a well-established leader in the e-commerce business world.



The Goal of

Just like the true visionary enthusiasts should, creators of strive to change the way financial operations are conducted around the world. They believe in putting more power into the hands of consumers by offering better solutions in virtually everything when it comes to everyday banking. Their aim is to inspire better monetary alternatives which offer quality traits of speed, better decision making and overall profitability. The company commands respect and trust of their community by emphasizing transparency, loyalty and doing the right thing. 



Products of 

Exchange and the App

The latest product of is a monetary exchange service powered by CRO. The company offers deep liquidity, low fees and overall best prices on the market. Thanks to this option, customers will have the ability to exchange almost all of the FIAT currencies for 45+ Crypto coins available at this stage. This process is especially simplified thanks to the websites own personalized mobile app, which can be installed on both Android and IOS and used from both – mobile phones and tablets. Visa Cards also offers Metal Visa Cards that provide users with significant rewards and are tied in with the upper mentioned mobile app. Cards are designed to hold company’s own MCO coins that automatically convert cryptocurrency into USD. At this moment the price of a single MCO is $4.97 USD. Cards are offered in different colors and statuses, with Visa Platinum “Obsidian” being the most valuable. All cards offer some variety of rewards, with the best being 5% cashback on all of the expenses. Plus, users will get bonuses like – 100% rebate on Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Prime, 10% on Expedia and Airbnb. These cards also provide free ATM withdrawals, tap and pay features, absolutely no annual fees and free shipping benefits. 




Earning and Credit allows customers to earn interest and get paid in weekly instalments. Deposits are made with BTC and interest is paid out in the same manner. The website provides a platform to earn up to 8% p.a. on your cryptocurrency and up to 12% for Stablecoins. 

They also offer highly personalized and extremely quick loaning possibilities. There is no credit check required, no repayment deadlines and customers get instant credit, ready for use. Loans are tied to deposits, so in order to activate crypto’s loan, one needs to deposit first. As an example, given by the website itself, a deposit of $10,000 gets you an instant $5000 credit opportunity. Basically, a 50% stake. Rates are significantly lower compared to the standard banks and can be easily negotiated on, thanks to the no-minimum payment implementations. 


Another amazing feature offered by the is the option to invest using cryptocurrency. This tool is created to automate and simplify crypto-trading for the regular enthusiasts. Customers will have the ability to create their personal portfolios and procure well-analyzed decisions about where to invest their funds. The minimal initial investment stands at $20 mark and is well suited for the beginners. 

These portfolios divide into 3 preferences. First is the Growth portfolio, designed for the people who like high rewards and are not afraid of high risks. Second is Balanced portfolio, offering both growth and risk at a moderate level. Last but not the least is the Conservative option, designed for the people who like to play it safe, with lower growth and lowest risk factors. There are also personalized portfolio options like crypto HF and S&P 500.


Final Thoughts is a bold statement in the world of DLT and Blockchain, with its massive plans and amazing vision. The company is doing its utmost to promote cryptocurrencies and in term distribute power back into ordinary people’s hands by offering better solutions in virtually every aspect of finance. True change in the financial industry might be right around the corner, and the likes of might be the necessary culprit.


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