Blockchain Advisory

Blockchain Advisory

Blockchain Advisory is a creation of two blockchain visionaries; Jonathan Galea and Anton Dalli, founded back in 2013 in Malta.  Both of the partners share cumulative experience of almost 10 years in the industry of Crypto.

The services of the company include blockchain-specific advisory in relation to initial coin offerings and token generation events. Also, Blockchain Advisory assists clients in setting up cryptocurrency-focused funds and exchange Platforms. The primary goal of the company is to promote all things blockchain and provide the most satisfying experience for the potential customers. At this point, Malta is one of the best countries in the world to establish a crypto startup, and Blockchain Advisory is the company that’ll guide through all the processes.


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The most prominent advantage of Malta is perhaps its stable political/economic climate and an inviting stance towards new technology. The country boasts a steady economic growth, higher than most of its compatriots in European Union. Being in the EU since 2004, Malta enjoys all the privileges of free trade and movement. The country seems to be determined to achieve success in the distributed ledger technology (DLT) and aims to become the world’s “Blockchain Island”.

Malta is a home to the headquarters of prominent blockchain companies, such as: Binance, OKEx, Bitfury and many others. The country offers an attractive and highly profitable EU approved tax regime, combining a system of tax refunds and a favorable headline tax rates. The list of other advantages includes tax incentives for the highly qualified professionals working in the DLT industry. There’s no need to be physically present to register a company in Malta and there are no requirements for residency of partners and stakeholders. Also, there’s no stamp duty or income tax for the gains made on the disposal of shares in Maltese companies by non-residents.




DLT regulatory Framework

In November of 2018, the country of Malta issued a new regulatory framework for DLT technologies. This produced the introduction of 3 acts that covered the fundamental aspects of the innovative blockchain industry.

First is the MDIA act, which covers the establishment of the regulatory authority. It’s created to control and promote the correct certification of DLT platforms. Second is the ITAS act. ITAS covers the set-up, certification and the registration of the new DLT company. Third is the VFA act, which lays out a financial instruments test for all DLT assets, cryptocurrencies and existing Maltese and EU regulations.




BA Services

Blockchain Advisory (BA) is the company that can help in all the stages of Blockchain startups. They offer various different regulatory and technical services. First and foremost, there is an assistance system offered in the VFA licensing process. Company offers Token classification under the financial instruments test. BA will act as your regulatory compliance officer, providing GDPR assessment and compliance. By working with Blockchain Advisory, clients will receive constant consultancy through regulatory opinions, covering your business activities, registration of your whitepaper with the MFSA and a complete support for your ICO, IVFAO and STO.

On the technical services spectrum, customers of Blockchain Advisory can count on systems auditing – in line with the MDIA guidelines. Also, penetration testing and proof of concept developments. Assistance in the selection of token issuance platform and security audits based on ISO 27001. BA will review source codes, blockchain and smart contract developments, as well as your whitepaper drafting and token economics.


Logical Conclusion

Considering all the inviting factors and none of the flaws presented by the location of the Blockchain Advisory, it should be a clear fact that Malta is the place to be and Blockchain Advisory is the company to hire, when it comes to starting a blockchain enterprise.

George Khmelevski

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