Buying with Crypto

Buying with Crypto

Things to purchase with Crypto in 2020

Although procuring skepticism in the early stages of the development, today the cryptocurrencies are considered by most of the world to be a legitimate alternative to FIAT currencies. In 2020, almost everything can be bought with crypto. From food to appliances, real estate, automobiles, travel and many more can be easily obtained using the popular solutions like Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Here are some of the interesting examples to look out for in 2020.

Online Merchants and Services

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been most frequently adopted by the industry of online shops. These websites and apps allow people to buy products and services through the internet and the list includes some of the biggest names in the business: Microsoft, Overstock, Newegg, and Shopify

The list of crypto-friendly companies operating in the service industry includes U.S-based, satellite service provider Dish Network, website creator – WordPress, and probably the biggest forum in the world – Reddit. These are just a small fraction of the companies that fully embrace the concept of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 


A desire to travel is an integral part of human nature, and in 2020, traveling with Crypto is extremely simplified. It’s easy to book a flight to any location of the globe and find a place to stay, through industry giants like – Cheapair. The service supports crypto payments and is an avid supporter of innovative technology. Other notable companies that enable chain-based purchases are: AirBaltic (first airline to accept Bitcoin payment), Webjet, Virgin Galactic, Bitcoin Travel and infinitely more. 

Real Estate

Perhaps the most surprising fact in 2020 will be a possibility to purchase housing and other real estate properties through the use of cryptocurrencies. Although a relatively new concept, there are some websites that already procure real estate brokerage like; Bitcoin-Realestate.Com, which offers properties from US to Central Europe and Latin America. It’s notable to mention that this real estate is mostly expensive and luxurious. 

Luxury Items and Automobiles

Continuing the trend of the crypto real estate, there are numerous accessory items and car dealerships that focus primarily on luxurious lifestyle. There is no denying that pricey things seem to attract the Bitcoin paying segment of the population. There are car dealerships like Bitcars and Post Oak Motors that specialize in old, classic and expensive cars, as well as modern supercars like Lamborghini and Ferrari. 

Various jewelry and watches stores are offering Crypto sale as well. An extremely interesting example is the world-renowned Frank Muller watches. These are extremely high-end accessories, that are hand-made in Switzerland and cost at least a couple tens of thousands of dollars.   


It’s important to also mention the gaming industry, where cryptocurrencies have a significant potential to thrive. Video games switched from being physical items, into virtual possessions in recent years, just like cash is turning into virtual currencies. Both gaming industry giants; Sony’s – PlayStation and Microsoft’s – Xbox, provide online game purchasing services, built-in into their consoles. Both enable crypto payments in their systems, which signifies the major opportunities for crypto enthusiasts in the industry. There are games like PUBG that employ their own cryptocurrencies (RFR tokens) to ensure the lifelike trade within their online gameplays. 

George Khmelevski

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