Blockchain Economy Conference in Istanbul

Blockchain Economy Conference in Istanbul

Blockchain Economy 2020 in Istanbul.

The beginning of 2020 is bestowing the enthusiast of blockchain with a massive event, dedicated to the popularization and the advancement of all things crypto. The place of the event is the beautiful, colorful and mesmerizing city of Istanbul. The dates are February 20-21. The Name: Blockchain Economy 2020! This event will be a perfect platform for the entrepreneurs and visionaries from all over the globe. Participants will be enabled to discuss all the relevant information, bond partnerships and friendships, and develop connections that might lead to the concepts that will forever change industries. According to the data collected from the ticket sales, blockchain enthusiasts from over 60 countries will make an appearance, which translates into immense networking possibilities.  

Overall outline and the in-depth topics of Blockchain Economy 2020

The purpose of the conference is to provide a platform and enable connection for the tech professionals, entrepreneurs and investors, to increase the incorporation of blockchain technologies into the daily life and businesses alike. BE 2020 will be focusing mostly on enthusiasts from the regions of Europe, Asia and Middle East. This event will also be a home to the “BEcomp” competition that awards the best and most promising Blockchain Start-Ups in the world. 

Main topic of this Year’s Conference in Istanbul will be “Global Citizenship” or “Citizenship Through Investment ”. Thanks to Blockchain’s decentralized nature and capabilities of reaching far beyond the constraints of a single nation, BC can be considered as a tool of Democratic promotion. Crypto solutions are the key to people’s economic freedom and equity, which leads to the ability of allocating financial resources all over the planet. The Turkish event will be a perfect place to explore the opportunities of different countries and cross-border Citizenship through the Citizenship Expo. 

How to participate in Blockchain Economy 2020

Several types of tickets are available for the general population at this moment. There are “regular” tickets which enable attendance to all the conference sessions. Another variant is the “EXPO Pass” which provides the opportunity to network and create notable connections with the representatives of various companies. 

Other tickets that are available for purchase include; “Closing party”, “Networking Dinner” and “Bitcoin Bus – Istanbul Tour”. The Bitcoin Bus is an amazing opportunity that enables participants to not only attend the conferences, but also get to know the city of Istanbul as a Tourist, visiting all the breathtaking sights of the ancient city. 

Big Names in attendance 

Blockchain Economy 2020 will feature some of the brightest and most famous Blockchain and Cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and innovative minds. The names that stand out from the rest are world-renowned visionaries, such as: Famous businessman John McAfee, Wall street analyst Tom Lee, founder Nicolas Cary and infinitely more.  Istanbul’s 2020 expo will be an amazing source of knowledge and experience, and a must-attend event for the enthusiasts of Blockchain around the globe.

George Khmelevski

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