Five Popular Blockchain Apps To Download Before Year End

Five Popular Blockchain Apps To Download Before Year End

Mobile app stores are full of blockchain and cryptocurrency applications. Many of these apps first appeared half a decade ago, but some are quite new. Today there are numerous innovative programs available for free or almost free download. We browsed the Apple App Store to pick out popular blockchain apps that stand out from the rest. Please take a look at our favorites.


Blockchain Wallet

At least one of the cryptocurrency wallets should be mentioned here. An undisputed king according to its popularity and the number of downloads is the Blockchain Wallet. Founded in 2011 by Ben Reeves, Nicolas Cary, and Peter Smith, Blockchain Luxembourg S.A, the company that launched Blockchain Wallet, has accumulated $70 million in total funding since its inception. According to the Appstore preview, Blockchain Wallet boasts about 40 million active wallets in around 140 countries around the globe, with over $200B in transactions. The app supports currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, and USD PAX. 

The official website of the product claims that it is the safest and most popular wallet for trading, investing, and storing cryptocurrencies. Blockchain Wallet allows users to make transactions with lower fees compared to the traditional banking solutions, which are times more expensive to use and maintain. Aside from the fees, there are advantages in the speed of transactions and drastically improved security thanks to the app’s decentralized nature, two-factor authentication, 4-digit pin technology, and 12-word backup phrase. This wallet enables people in 36 countries worldwide to exchange cryptocurrency for another with up to date, real time price charts. 



Steemit is a social media platform designed to incite the content creators all around the world. Founded in 2016 by Ned Scott, the company remains privately owned and is headquartered in New York City. The integral part of the app is its own cryptocurrency: Steem. One Steem coin currently costs $0.12 and it has a market cap of almost $40 million. The platform incentivizes user participation through micro-payments. Although Steemit can be compared to popular websites such as Reddit, the main difference is that instead of upvotes and downvotes, users reward content creators through micro-payments with Steem Coin. Basically, instead of pressing like, you support the creators with cryptocurrency.  

According to the official site, the community of Steemit is divided into two categories: Creators and Curators. Creators are the ones that contribute content and earn money for pursuing their passions via shared content. By sharing their content, creators earn upvotes which translate into portion of the overall reward pool of the post. The more upvotes, the more is the percentage of the reward. The curators are the ones that help the community grow by upvoting the best content. Supporting the post from the beginning entitles curators to various rewards that depend on the overall popularity and earnings of the post. 


Brave Browser

Brave is an innovative blockchain-based internet browser that focuses on faster speed, safety and elimination of free-flowing ads that disturb users while browsing. Founded in 2015 by Brendan Eich and Brian Bondy, Brave has accumulated $42 million in total funding. The mission of Brave Browser is to provide increased safety, speed and privacy, while growing revenue for content creators. By October 2019, Brave browser accumulated 2.8 million daily users and up to 8 million active monthly users. The browser seems to be offering a solution for the biggest issue internet users complain about today – excessive uncontrollable ads. 

Brave lets users choose the ads they’d like to see and pays them according to the activity in BAT cryptocurrency. Basic Attention Token is the currency of Brave Browser, also known as BAT. Currently, BAT is valued at around $0.18 and has a market cap of almost $40 million. According to Brave’s website, there are several advantages that Brave Browser holds over the competition. First and foremost are the advanced ad-blocker capabilities that result in cheaper internet usage (3G, 4G, Wifi). Brave also saves battery life and allows for various types of data storage. It protects users from unwanted tracking and guarantees total privacy every step of the way. Most importantly, it boasts higher speed of browsing – the pages are loaded 3x – 6x faster. 


Golem is a unique application that enables technology owners to rent their unused CPU/GPU capacities and get paid in cryptocurrencies. Founded in 2016 by the team of Polish entrepreneurs, Golem reached $17.2 million in funding and gathered around 820,000 ETH in a matter of minutes. The company is known under the legal name of Golem Factory GmbH and is based entirely on Ethereum blockchain. It uses its own Golem token for transactions, which is also known as GNT. The current price of GNT is around $0.04 and its market cap is almost $37 million. 

According to its website, Golem is a decentralized open source supercomputer that everyone can access. It consists of the combined power of all users’ machines. A peer to peer computing infrastructure is created through Ethereum blockchain that provides a global market for central processor unit (CPU) power. Golem enables users to loan extra CPU power that stays unused in their computers, while helping other users who need larger amounts of energy. These transactions are conducted with the assistance of Ethereum smart contracts and GNT Tokens. The goal of the company is to provide people with the necessary computing energy at the lowest cost. 



IndaHash is a social platform that enables businesses’ engagement with digital influencers. Founded in 2015 by Barbara Soltysinska, the company gained $42 million for selling its tokens during its initial coin offering. IndaHash token, also known as IDH is priced at $0.002 and has a market cap of over $1 million. The company operates in 83 different markets around the world, has 8 offices and almost 950,000 registered creators on the app that are constantly connected to around 300,000 social media influencers. The offices are located in New York, London, Dusseldorf, Warsaw, Johannesburg, Singapore, Tokyo and Dubai. IndaHash was awarded the Best Influencer Marketing Company of the year in 2018, by Martech Breakthrough Awards. 

IndaHash believes that it is the largest global influencer marketing platform that offers an opportunity to the influencers to collaborate with various businesses and creators all over the world in exchange for payments which are conducted with the IDH. More Than 500 brands have already acquired IndaHash’s services and the number is ever-growing. Ad campaigns within the network are open to the digital influencers that are suitable for specific tasks at hand. Once an influencer agrees to all the conditions of the campaign, the task will be activated within the system. Most of the time Influencers have to take photos or record videos and post them to their social media accounts, using specific #hashtags. Once the process is completed, funds are transferred to the influencers. This way, IndaHash serves as a 21st century marketing tool, which simplifies and speeds up the process.

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