Three Blockchain Startups to Watch in 2020

Three Blockchain Startups to Watch in 2020

The development of exciting applications of blockchain will continue to get interesting in 2020. Many new tech startups are emerging with fascinating and unique utilization of the technology that is outside cryptocurrency – blockchain’s most well-known financial application. We have compiled a list of awesome startups that are demonstrating the enormous potential of blockchain technology to transform every industry. Many in the blockchain community have noticed them in 2019 and will continue to watch them in 2020. Here are the first three.


Shivom is a biotechnology company that utilizes blockchain to improve the way DNA information is shared, secured, and analyzed. Using the Ethereum blockchain to secure and verify genetic data, the company allows users to upload their genetic data in exchange for OMX tokens, a cryptocurrency token on the Ethereum platform. After this data is stripped of its personal information, it can be accessed by genetic researchers on the Shivom platform, resulting in the democratization of DNA information while simultaneously returning the control of that data to its rightful owners: the consumers providing their genetic information.


It is no secret that many people today are skeptical, or even outright distrustful, of the news media. Civil is a tech startup aimed at solving this problem of journalistic trust through blockchain and community governance. Newsrooms apply to join the Civil Registry. Then, members of Civil’s community ensure these newsrooms are abiding by the Civil Constitution, a document outlining journalistic standards and ethics. Community members can challenge the newsrooms that may not be upholding the standards outlined in the Constitution and use Civil’s blockchain tokens to vote on whether these newsrooms should be removed from the Registry or not. The company aims to use this method of community governance through blockchain to ensure that people can trust the news that they are reading.


Ampnet is a renewable energy crowd investing platform powered by the Æternity blockchain platform. Currently, the company acts as a crowdfunding platform for energy cooperatives and communities to receive funding from investors, while also allowing the projects to join a global exchange where investors can trade project shares. The company aims to help fund energy cooperatives while alleviating the risks involved with renewable investing, which is currently a huge deterrent to further development in renewable energy. 

Blockchain startups with potential to revolutionize the way we live our lives and do business will continue to emerge in 2020, demonstrating the new technology’s enormous potential. This month, we will be highlighting more blockchain businesses to watch in 2020, as 2019 is nearing its end. Stay tuned.

Anthony Pellegrino

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