Blockchain Technology Creates Jobs: What to Know and Where to Look

Blockchain Technology Creates Jobs: What to Know and Where to Look

The blockchain industry continues on its path of worldwide expansion. While its most well-known application, cryptocurrency, divides opinion and makes financial institutions and governments worry about the future, blockchain may have strong potential to promote social good. From expanding access to financial services to giving people digital identities and revolutionizing personal data management, the new technology comes with innovation, which has resulted in the job market growth.

What kind of job creation are we talking about?

The number of openings associated with blockchain advancement continues to grow. According to Glassdoor, the demand for blockchain jobs has increased by 300% in 2019 from the year before. Blockchain Developer role is topping the LinkedIn’s 2018 U.S. Emerging Jobs list with the highest growth, having grown 33 times over the previous year. Blockchain secured No. 1 spot on Upwork’s 2018 Skills Index that sheds light on new and emerging skills as an indication of hot freelance job market trends.

As it remains uncharted, highly talked about technology, there is soaring demand for talent that can help companies learn more about it and explore its potential uses. According to Hard Fork which used Glassdoor to gather its information, companies hiring for blockchain roles range from small startups to industry leaders and tech giants like IBM, Ernst & Young, and Oracle, with the US leading the way in the number of opportunities, followed by the UK and India. It is interesting to see that technical blockchain position salaries range from $125,000 to $175,000 – another reason to keep an eye on the blockchain job market developments.

What kind of job opportunities is blockchain offering?

But what kind of blockchain jobs are out there? It is not just cryptography and distributed systems expertise, there is a need for non-technical roles as well. Jobs ranging from coding and UX to business development, finance and project management, along with creative roles such as content creation or community management have become quite common, as the industry continues to grow.

New opportunities have grown in the tech and coding fields. Blockchain Developer is very popular role that requires a clear understanding of the blockchain concept as a whole, coupled with a mastery of programming languages, including C++, Python, JavaScript, Solidity and Simplicity.

Blockchain technology has also presented opportunities for Data Scientists and researchers, thanks to the active implementation of the technology by several big corporations and various industries. Data Scientists collect, analyze and interpret vast amounts of data. The role is in high demand, with companies like Facebook and IBM actively hiring blockchain data scientists for their products – Libra and IBM Blockchain Solutions. 

Other employment opportunities come from blockchain marketing sector. Experts like marketing managers, community managers, and copywriters are all in high demand thanks to the “blockchainization” of the business world. Strong marketing support is essential for startups seeking funding through ICOs and includes creating relationships with potential investors and members of the community. The importance of effective marketing does not diminish, once the necessary investment is procured. Many large tech companies like Amazon and Oracle continue to seek experts in blockchain marketing.   

Where to Look

If you are interested in a blockchain role, look into different positions that companies are advertising, learn about the type of skills that you may need, or see if the skill set you have could help you garner a blockchain job. Some of the good sources you may want to use include LinkedIn,, AngelList, Crypto Jobs List, Blocktribe and many others.

George Khmelevski

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