Blockchain Ecosystem: 3 Most Innovative Networking Platforms in the Space

Blockchain Ecosystem: 3 Most Innovative Networking Platforms in the Space

One of the most important advances of the blockchain ecosystem has been the emergence of social networks and lifestyle influencer apps developed using the new technology. Many startups in the blockchain space are using distributed networks to promote fitness, hiring, dating, any other social activities. Here are the top 3 most innovative and exciting blockchain-based networking startups in the space.


When we think of dating apps, the first thing that comes to mind are services like those offered by, Tinder, OkCupid, and several other well-known apps. While Matchpool is somewhat similar, it offers infinitely more. Matchpool is the blockchain networking platform, created for the purpose of establishing human connections. It was founded in the end of 2016 by Yonatan Ben Shimon and Max Richardson. The initial coin offering brought in $5.8 million in funding, reaching its target of 125,000 Ether.

The ecosystem of the app consists of “pools”, which are platforms that enable people with similar interests to connect to each other. Each pool has two types of participants: “Joiners” and “Hosts”. Joiners are simple users who find something of their interest in the pools. Hosts are the creators of those pools and the ones who set the rewards and fees for the users. It is as if they run a small business within blockchain pools. There are entrance fees to pools and introduction fees are set exclusively by the Hosts. The currency of the app is GUP and Joiners receive the 20 GUP for the initial use (allowance), while Hosts gain fees for their created pools.

There are tons of benefits in joining the Matchpool ecosystem, from dating, recruitment, and education to bogging and startups. Connecting like-minded individuals is one of the best ways to promote online dating. Instead of just focusing on each other’s superficial attributes of each-other, individuals can match through similar interests. Hosts of such pools are enabling the participants to find their ideal partners, creating a perfect space for dating, while at the same time financially rewarding themselves. 

HR recruiters can easily create a job hunting pool to find specific individuals in the Matchpool ecosystem, by hosting the pools for the potential employees and companies that want to hire professionals. Connecting people to the hiring managers will become incredibly easy.  

Matchpool has the ability to become a virtual classroom, thanks to the pools created by the education enthusiasts. These pools are providing spaces, where instructors can be teaching students, according to their interests.

When it comes to creating blogs, Matchpool is a great platform for the job. Hosts can create a pool about a blog that they are writing or promoting and the fill the platform with the participants of similar interests. This in turn will blog(er) more noticeable and popular.

Last but not the least are the benefits around the startups that can be established with the help of Matchpool. Thanks to the pools created within the system, the like-minded innovators can share ideas and develop concepts for the future blockchain startups. Investors can find the people with brilliant ideas and vice-versa.



HyperSpace, formerly known as Synereo is a decentralized networking platform based on the blockchain technology. The app creates a huge blockchain ecosystem by connecting like-minded individuals and businesses through the so called “Spaces” within the system. The company was founded in 2014 by Dor Konforty and Anderson Mccutcheon and was initially called Synereo, but later Anderson left, and Dor became the sole CEO of the project, renaming the brand. The company received its initial funding through the equity crowdfunding and raised $4.7 million in October 2016.

Hyperspace is a community owned, decentralized platform that rewards participants for creating and sharing popular content. There are financial incentives for creators, as well as consumers and curators. It is a perfect ecosystem for writers, painters, musicians and numerous other professionals and creative people.

It is really easy to register by providing your email address and verifying your phone number. Each of the registered users on HyperSpace receives a daily allowance, which is called the UBI – Universal Basic Income. It’s a free allowance that guarantees that user gets 100 AMP per day. AMP is HyperSpace’s currency and its rate is approximately 0.0035 USD (as of October 24, 2019). Website lets you use digital wallets to store AMPs and also provides exchange possibilities through Bittrex, HitBTC and other exchanges. The platform is primarily revolving around content creation and has an interesting financial system called Amplification. This concept is the driving force behind the HyperSpace economy. It is a “Like” button but can help earn money. General users can Amplify the content of the creator, which leads to the popularization of the post. By becoming more popular, the content is gaining investment through amplification and later the amount is distributed between all the participating entities. The distribution of the profits is the following: 60% of all the funds are given to the content creator, 20% is shared between the top ten contributors to the post’s engagement, 18% goes to Space creators and admins, and 2% is the anti-inflationary mechanism reserved by Hyperspace. 


Although not really a social network-type project, Sweatcoin is a revolutionary concept developed by two London-based Russian fitness fans, Oleg Fomenko and Anton Derlyatka. Both of them came up with the idea for an app back in 2015, and they officially launched Sweatcoin next year. In January of 2018 they generated total of $5.7M in funding from the company called Seedcamp. Today Sweatcoin boasts around 300 partner companies and more than 10 million users worldwide.

The simple idea behind the Sweatcoin app is that users get paid just for walking. All you have to do is download their official app from either Appstore (Apple) or Playstore (Google), launch the program on your phone, input personal information and start walking.

The app is supported by its own namesake cryptocurrency – SWC. One thousand steps translate into 0.95 SWC, with a limit of earning 5 SWC per day. Each month you can earn up to 150 SWC. For 20,000 SWC you can buy yourself an Iphone XS. While obtaining Iphone is almost impossible, simply because the app has a limit per day (5 SWC) and it would take years to obtain the apple product, there are other great benefits to be gained. Since Sweatcoin has more than 300 partners worldwide, users can easily exchange the coins they have earned for various holiday, restaurant, and fitness vouchers/discounts. Also, users can cash out thanks to the PayPal integration.

Even though nobody will be earning a fortune through Sweatcoin app, it is still incredibly motivating. The main idea behind SWC is to promote healthier lifestyles and the future of cryptocurrencies. The founders of the company are strong supporters of the blockchain innovations and seek to spread the word about the new technology.

All of the projects we have discussed above are incredibly innovative. All of them are capable of completely disrupting our lifestyle. Sweatcoin is focused on promoting health and wellness, HyperSpace is elevating creative minds, and Matchpool could be the ecosystem to truly revolutionize modern social networks. Only time will tell how successful these and other blockchain-based networking platforms will be in transforming our society. 

George Khmelevski

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