Top Blockchain and Crypto Events to Attend in 2019-2020

Top Blockchain and Crypto Events to Attend in 2019-2020

Ever since Bitcoin was launched a decade ago, events and conferences around cryptocurrency appeared, allowing the close-knit community at the time to share important news, discuss cross-cutting issues impacting the field, and make connections that furthered attendees’ careers and interests. 

As time passed, so many events have popped up that it has become difficult to figure out which events can bring real value to one’s personal or professional life, and which ones can be a waste of time and money. After a volatile 2018, we are looking to 2019-2020 as an dynamic year for the crypto community with many exciting happenings. Here is our list of the top 10 blockchain and crypto events throughout the year to keep on your calendar. 

Blockchain DApp Expo 2019

DApp is all about building the worldwide blockchain economy and utilizing it in the vast world of business. The event will be happening in Riga, Latvia from Oct 09 to Oct 10, 2019. More than a thousand European business leaders, CEOs, developers, regulators, and lawyers will be covering the basics of the blockchain economy and the way they are positively affected by innovations. It will be one of the biggest events available around Eastern Europe, allowing participants to get all the latest information from direct sources. 

Crypto Invest Summit Los Angeles

Taking place on Oct 15 – 16, 2019 in Los Angeles, CIS is one of a kind event that focuses mainly on building investments and mainstream utilization of blockchain tech. This will be an enticing source of knowledge coming from the pioneers of the concept. CIS will be available on four stages, featuring insightful fireside chats with the elite of the blockchain industry. More than 120 expert speakers, 500 investors and 4,000 attendees make this event a place to be. Fireside chats will allow a more intimate setting providing a deeper understanding of issues discussed.  

Blockchain Life 2019

Blockchain Life is the Russian Crypto Forum, gracing the capital of Russia, Moscow, with its presence Oct 16 – 17.  Known as one of the biggest international blockchain events worldwide, BL’s aim is to educate and empower people to use cryptocurrencies in their daily lives. More than 5,000 people from over 70 countries will be attending the forum to learn more about and participate in the heated discussions about blockchain, virtual currencies, startups, and mining. Like the other conferences around the world, Blockchain Life will enable participants to create partnerships and develop collective ideas.

Satoshi Roundtable – Sidetable

Similar to the annual Roundtable event, the Sidetable is a gathering of top developers, influencers, company founders, and other members of the financial tech world on October 17-18, 2019. The event’s focus this October is Bitcoin, Securities, and the Global Economy. Located in picturesque New Castle, New Hampshire, the Sidetable event is limited in size and incorporates its signature “unconference” or organic style, where participants help generate the agenda and focus.

Crypto Economics Security Conference

CESC is hosted by Dekrypt Capital at University of California, Berkeley Oct 28 – 29, 2019. The main focus of the expo will be the security aspects that concern blockchain protocols, game theory, mechanisms, market design and incentive design. CESC will also be covering crypto economics by detailing the production, distribution and consumption concepts in the decentralized business world. Sunny California will provide a perfect setting for all of the innovative minds to share their knowledge and further the development of the blockchain lifestyle.

World Crypto Conference

World Crypto Con will take place on the Las Vegas Strip Oct 29-31, 2019, at the Cosmopolitan. The conference will cover real-life examples of blockchain utilization, cryptocurrencies, and the ways that this emerging technology is disruptive to the business world around the globe. WCC also serves as an international, stage where innovative minds of the blockchain industry can share ideas and concepts that will attract potential investors and partners, who will also be in attendance in huge numbers.

TF Blockchain

TF Blockchain is a smaller scale event taking place on Nov 13 – 14, 2019, in Seattle, WA. The expo will be limited in attendance to create a more personal feel, so that attendants can focus on advanced topics and technologies. Interactive speaker discussions will help blockchain innovators communicate their ideas to technology executives. It is an ideal place to create partnerships and seek investors, while simultaneously promoting and enlarging the knowledge of the general population about the wonders of the crypto industry.

Blockshow Asia

Referred to as “the flagship event for the blockchain industry” by Forbes Magazine, Blockshow is a truly massive and special event powered by CoinTelegraph. Hosted by Singapore Nov 14 – 15 2019, Blockchow Asia 2019 will cover all current blockchain trends around the globe, including those shaping development, investments, trading, gaming, marketing, regulations, and securities. All-around in depth analyses and unlimited knowledge make Blockshow a definite place to be.

European Blockchain Convention

Barcelona will be the host city for the European Blockchain Convention on Jan 20 – 21, 2020. The con will be bringing together the brightest minds of the blockchain space to form relationships and partnerships. More than 600 crypto enthusiasts will be discussing blockchain’s potential applications in industries such as energy, financial services, healthcare, retail, mobility and of course supply chains and logistics. EBC is one of the best conventions in Europe when it comes to investors connecting with innovation gurus, so the possibilities that this event holds for the blockchain and crypto startups are unlimited. 

Blockchain Economy Summit

Istanbul, Turkey is going to be facilitating one of the largest conferences designed mostly for investors and engineers from Europe, Middle East, and Asian countries. The purpose of the Summit happening on Feb 20 – 21, 2020 is to enable tech professionals discuss entrepreneurial and investment ideas, as well as how to incorporate blockchain into daily life and business. BES will be proudly hosting more than 3,000 attendees from more than 60 countries and the highlight of the conference will be billionaire Tim Draper, invited as a keynote speaker.

To Go or Not to Go?

These events offer a wealth of resources for the general public. They are an unparalleled source of first-hand information that could grant unique opportunities to blockchain enthusiasts, whether they are newbies or seasoned professionals. Needless to say, we encourage our readers to give any of those events a shot and experience the best the blockchain and crypto world has to offer. 

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George Khmelevski