Cryptocurrency Has Changed the YouTube Landscape: Top 5 Channels To Follow

Cryptocurrency Has Changed the YouTube Landscape: Top 5 Channels To Follow

Capturing Public Attention

At the end of 2017, Bitcoin – back then mysterious and misunderstood – shocked the world as its price skyrocketed in the international markets, reaching almost $20,000 on December 17. Aside from a tiny sliver of the general population – blockchain and crypto aficionados, most inhabitants of our planet were only superficially informed about the virtual money concept. 

Since then, the whole world has fallen into a frenzy surrounding Bitcoin and from then on, the secrets of blockchain technology and a variety of cryptocurrencies began to be exhibited for all to behold. 

Many YouTubers capitalized on this opportunity and started producing videos that teach oblivious users about the incredible possibilities presented by the blockchain world. 

YouTube Influencers and Crypto World

YouTube has been one of the primary sources of worldwide entertainment for over a decade now, but the video streaming site can also be used as an important source of information. For some, visual explanations and lessons are far more educational than traditional written instructions. Guided by this simple fact, many have started creating channels that educate people all around the planet. As with any other technology discussed on YouTube, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have also been subject to detailed dissection. As soon as Bitcoin was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto(alias) to the worldwide web in 2009, the first pioneers started YouTube channels that were established to provide informative content. Some actual YouTube influencers like “The Crypto Lark” channel creator Lark Davis, were trailblazers of the concept. 

The Top 5 Global Crypto YouTube Channels

Just like everything else in the business world, competition among those wanting to be known as the best crypto-reviewers started from the moment Bitcoin was launched. Here is the top 5 list of the most interesting, informative, and popular Crypto-influencers on YouTube.


DataDash’s Nicholas Merten speaks at many cryptocurrency events and makes guest appearances on other YouTube channels. Image:

The undisputed king, when it comes to sheer popularity, view count, and subscriptions is DataDash, created on July 10, 2017 by Nicholas Merten. The channel covers all sorts of issues related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Emphasizing analytical and statistical data and information, DataDash offers users simplified conceptualization of the new technologies. 

DataDash’s popular recent video discusses the issues related to the SEC’s reluctance to approve Bitcoin-linked ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds), which would allow retail customers to purchase the cryptocurrency through stock brokerage accounts, compelling VanEck Securities and SolidX Management companies to collaborate on launching another bitcoin-linked financial vehicle.

Ivan on Tech

Ivan Liljeqvist runs Ivan on Tech Youtube channel and an online blockchain academy. Image:

Ivan on Tech is a channel created in 2013 by Ivan Liljeqvist. Ivan is a software engineer and developer, sharing his professional expertise on the subject of blockchain technologies. He focuses on recent trends, analyses and all-around crypto news, while also regularly participating as a speaker on different live-speech platforms. 

In his recent video, Ivan discusses whether Bitcoin has already surpassed PayPal in transaction volume, and talks about China officially launching its own cryptocurrency that will have a significant impact on the world economy.  

Chris Dunn


Chris Dunn is an entrepreneur who created his channel in March 2009. Although Chris mostly reviews investment, finance, and entrepreneurship in today’s world, he often dives into discussions of cryptocurrencies. His focus is the lifestyle and the investment aspects of the crypto industry.

His latest video about investments offers an interesting analogy – Chris compares Bitcoin price to a heartbeat. He suggests that just like a heart, Bitcoin has a strong tendency to expand right after a real tight contraction. What is his recommendation to traders? Take advantage of this potentially profitable moment!

Altcoin Buzz

Altcoin Buzz is one of the most popular cryptocurrency channels on YouTube. Image:

The Altcoin Buzz YouTube channel was established in January 2016. Boasting a significant Twitter and Telegram following compared to its competitors, the channel offers analytical information and predictions focused on blockchain tech developments in the international markets. 

Altcoin Buzz’s most recent (and highly intriguing) video highlights the U.S. presidential elections. It is focused on Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang and his campaign’s acceptance of any available cryptocurrency as a form of donation. Mr. Yang is promoting the use of cutting-edge technologies and is supported by Elon Musk, founder and CEO of XSpace and co-founder and CEO of Tesla.


Michael Gu runs Boxmining channel on YouTube. Image: YouTube

Boxmining is another crypto channel, created by Michael Gu in early 2017. It provides viewers with daily analyses of the cryptocurrency markets and detailed breakdowns of relevant information. Michael is known for covering popular trends prevalent in Asian markets in countries like China, Korea and Japan, as well as in the international markets. 

While on a trip to South Korea, Michael produced his latest video, giving viewers inside information about how Korean people are embracing blockchain technologies and establishing Crypto-Startups. He interviews a local friend who discusses the impact that Bitcoin has had on the country’s population since 2017. 

Honorable Mentions

There are also other incredibly interesting options, if you search for information about blockchain on YouTube. While an extremely popular channel, Edureka, covers all kinds of information regarding technologies around the world, increasingly part of their content is about blockchain. 

Another captivating channel belongs to Andreas Antonopoulos, a true pioneer and advocate when it comes to the development of blockchain. Andreas has been an avid supporter of the technology since its conception. Last, but not least is the Crypto Tips channel, hosted by a woman. It is a welcome addition to the YouTube world, thanks to its skillful host – Heidi Chakos – who boasts one of the most popular crypto-influencing channels on YouTube, and a thriving Twitter following. 

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