Where to Purchase Food Using Cryptocurrency?

Where to Purchase Food Using Cryptocurrency?

About nine years ago Laszlo Hanyecz, a programmer from Florida, paid millions of dollars for two pizzas from Papa John’s. No, it was not a special pizza. What made it different is that Hanyecz paid for it with Bitcoin, which had a huge uptrend over the past 9 years. The transaction that does not make any sense today has become immortalized as the first ever instance of purchasing a good using cryptocurrency. While Laszlo Hanyecz probably regrets his decision to use Bitcoin to pay for food instead of sticking to buy-and-hold (HODL) strategy, his purchase has had an enduring impact on the digital currency space. Today, there are many food merchants who accept cryptocurrency as payment all around the world. Here are some of them in Denmark, Germany, Russia, Korea, and Venezuela.


If you are in Copenhagen and strapped for cash, you can use your bitcoins at Hugry.dk to order online takeaway from over 1,500 restaurants. That is as if 1,500 restaurants accept bitcoin in Denmark. From pizza to sushi, they got it all. Hungry.dk has been accepting bitcoin payments since 2014. The merchant had a difficult time processing crypto in 2017 due to network congestion, but they are back to providing their full menu of payment options.


Cross the border to the neighboring Germany. Here, you can also order food with Bitcoin. The Germans have a similar delivery service as Hungry.dk called Lieferando.de. This service is huge and offers thousands of options. Ordering food online is incredibly popular in Germany, so is cryptocurrency. Therefore, including Bitcoin as a payment method makes the process more convenient for a substantial part of the target market. Surprisingly, the merchant’s parent company, Takeaway.com, which acquired Lieferando.de brand in 2018 does not offer an option to pay with cryptocurrency, at least for the time being.


Keep traveling across Europe. The Russian online food delivery service Хочу-поесть or When Hungry –  the name the company uses in Europe – offers access to 800 restaurants and their menus. The service, which is available in 120 cities around Russia and the neighboring Russian-speaking states, is now accepting Ethereum founded by the Russian Vitalik Buterin and its own cryptocurrency called WHY. The company’s leadership is planning to introduce cryptocurrency as a payment option in other countries of Europe where it operates and is hoping that the price of their token will grow thanks to the rapidly expanding online food consumer market.

South Korea

If you are in South Korea and crave foods you enjoy at home, look up Shuttle Delivery. It was among the first companies in the country to begin delivering foreign foods to expats, tourists as well as Koreans. It is now the biggest food delivery platform in Seoul. Shuttle prides itself on applying new ideas to its business model faster than its competition. No wonder it has adopted a payment solution for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and bitcoin cash and allows customers to opt out of using plastic cutlery.


Traveling to Latin America? Try Church’s Chicken Restaurants in Venezuela. One of the top chicken restaurant chains in the world, Church’s Chicken now accepts Dash at 10 of its Venezuelan locations and has been using incentives to promote the use of the cryptocurrency. At a time when Venezuela’s currency is almost worthless, being able to use crypto to get food is a definitely a benefit.

Although using cryptocurrency to purchase food (and other goods) continues to gain traction, the evolution is slow, mainly because of the fear that if the market goes up, you could lose big. Despite, it is comforting to know that there are food places around the world that accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment for those in the crypto community who actually want to use their coin to pay for things.

Text by contributor @LordCatoshi