Lifestyle: Where to Spend Cryptocurrency on Luxury Items and Services?

Lifestyle: Where to Spend Cryptocurrency on Luxury Items and Services?

The digital currency space is growing. So are the opportunities provided by the new technology and the means of exchange. And yet one of the remaining challenges is ensuring that cryptocurrency is used the way fiat currency is: to shop. Over the last few years many businesses, from leaders in their industries like Microsoft or Overstock to small mom-and-pop shops and restaurants around the globe have been warming up to cryptocurrency. Recognizing that there is a lot of interest in high-end products and exclusive experiences, we put together a guide on six luxury brands that accept cryptocurrency.

Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps (MCT)

MCT watches are known as exclusive and technically complex. Image credit:

Several luxury watch and jewelry retailers offer cryptocurrency among the different payment options available for their customers. Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps (MCT) is a Swiss luxury watchmaker, well known for its innovative and technically complex timepieces which “change the face of time.” The company designs and puts together about 100-150 unique watches a year all in-house. They are limited edition and high-end and are available in boutiques around the globe. MCT now offers its customers to buy timepieces online using Bitcoin.

Samer Halimeh – Jewelry Retailer

Samer Halimeh’s stunning pink diamonds. Image credit:

For those looking for a custom-made, unique piece of jewelry, Samer Halimeh’s store may be the right place to shop. The Lebanese-American jeweler is known for his bespoke pieces and rare gemstones. With headquarters in NYC, a London flagship store, and stores in Riyadh and Kuala Lumpur, Halimeh’s creations are accessible to the super rich customers from the US, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and South-East Asia. In 2017, Samer Halimeh began accepting Bitcoin as payment.

Berkeley Travel – Luxury Travel Agency

Diving is one of the holiday types offered by Berkeley Travel. Image credit:

The London-based Berkeley Travel specializes in the ultimate luxury experiences. The agency offers a number of exclusive gateways, including private jet charter services, luxury cruses and sailing trips, Safari across world’s most breathtaking natural parks, and outdoor adrenaline pumping adventures. Whether you are looking for a romantic gateway, family vacation, or extreme adventures for singles, the agency’s bespoke itineraries include a selection of the world’s finest hotels, restaurants, clubs, spas, and luxury products.

Juliettes Interiors – High-end Furniture

Juliette’s offers high-end furnishings and design. Image credit:

A high-end furniture retailer and interior design services provider, Juliettes Interiors is famous for embracing new trends and technologies. The company whose customers include royalty, heads of state, celebrities and business leaders, furnishing their yachts and mansions around the world, now offers a new method of payment: Bitcoin.

Caribound – Vacation Rentals

Caribound offers luxury villas for rent. Image credit:

Caribound offers different types of high-end lodging in the Caribbean, from affordable luxury to premium and super luxury homes. It caters to any taste. One could get a villa with a full stuff offering services of a hotel or a hidden cottage on a beautiful beach. As a company run by millennials, who embrace new technology, Caribound started accepting Bitcoin in 2017.

Harvard and MIT COOP Stores

Inside Harvard Coop. Image courtesy of

Top private schools and universities around the globe have always appealed to the wealthy and the powerful. The Coop serves as the campus store for the Harvard and MIT universities and their renowned academic communities. The Coop retail locations and the online store offer the largest selection of officially licensed Harvard and MIT swag and gifts globally, as well as everything one needs to attend these elite educational institutions. Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts attract a large crowd of wealthy visitors, most often parents of the current students or those who want to ensure that their offspring gets a degree from one of the top schools in the world. 

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