Why Use a Portfolio Tracker and Which App Works Best?

Why Use a Portfolio Tracker and Which App Works Best?

Cryptocurrency traders and investors would like to know the value of their portfolio at any point of time, wherever around the globe they may be. This is why they use portfolio trackers – programs or services that trace the movements of their individual holdings. Portfolio trackers allow investors to get an idea of how their portfolio is doing compared to the rest of the market and are very convenient for trading and tax purposes. With cryptocurrency booming in the last few years, there are plenty of options to choose from. Let’s compare four apps that are currently popular in the space.


Traders of lesser known coins and tokens also known as shitcointraders are probably happy with Delta. Delta has integrated the most coins and exchanges of all the different apps. You can add multiple portfolios and it is easy to use because of the simple user interface (UI). However, Delta does not have a lot of data and analysis options available. The app can be used for free. Its Pro subscription is priced at 59.99 euro per year.


If you would like to be notified when your coins reach a certain price, then Blockfolio may be for you. It is a little bit more complex than Delta, but this complexity comes with more detail, news, and analysis options. The app can be used for free. Yet, it lacks the wealth of coins, tokens, and exchanges that Delta has to offer.


Cryptocompare has even more data than Delta and Blockfolio in terms of news, mining, and exchanges. An exciting feature is that it has a forum, where you can talk to others and it has an enormous amount of available coins and trading pairs. Be sure to not lose yourself in all the data and ads though. When it comes to pricing, Cryptocompare’s has several options, including a free one.


Cointracking.info is by far the deepest and complex portfolio tracker. The fact that you can import your transactions and trade history make it an ideal tax reporting tool. This; however, comes with costs ($129 per year for unlimited transactions). Also, the actual mobile app is limited in its functions. The focus is on the desktop app, making UI not as smooth as in case of its many competitors.

There is no lack of portfolio tracking apps on the market. Yet, it is not easy to pick one. The ultimate decision depends on the UI you like and how intuitive the app feels to you. However, the choice really comes down to ways you want to analyze your portfolio and how much detail you want to get out of your tracker. Delta is very easy to use, but has the least information to examine. Blockfolio and Cryptocompare offer enhanced insights. Finally, Cointracking.info allows for a truly comprehensive analysis by providing countless detail and statistics enriched with charts and graphs.

Text by Contributor @lordcatoshi